Willamette Riverfront Park Maternity: Marc, Bili and their boy. . .or girl? - Sara May Photography Sara May Photography

Willamette Riverfront Park Maternity: Marc, Bili and their boy. . .or girl? - Sara May Photography

Marc and Bili are dear friends of mine. I love any and all opportunities to spend time with them. So when Marc asked me to be up at 7am on a cold October morning so we could take some photos along the river, I of COURSE jumped at the idea. Okay I may have yawned, had some coffee (or two) and THEN jumped at the idea. Who gets out that early?!  These two apparently. 

Bili is what I like to call a ‘crazy mad scientist’. Because she is! No, I’m not joking. She is. You want to talk about nerdy neuroscience stuff — she’s your gal. And Marc is an ever-evolving creative genius in the realm of cinematography.  So ya, wrap your head around this pair. Their baby is going to be the full package of a good looking, MENSA card-carrying artist. 

Something I really admire about them is their decision to NOT find out the sex of their baby. The baby is healthy and that’s really all they wanted to know. When Marc first told me this, I went a little nuts with disbelief. How could you not find out?! Having had a baby myself, I couldn’t imagine going through that kind of mystery for 9 months. But what calmed me down and made me understand was when he explained the reason why. As a kid and even as a young adult, there are a lot of exciting milestones and a lot of surprises. Once you get past that and you hit your 30’s, there aren’t many more kid-on-Christmas-morning type of surprises. He wanted this to be that kind of surprise. And there he had me. I’m an advocate for the baby surprise now. 😉

Bili is just a couple weeks away from her due date. It’s the home stretch and I’m over the moon with excitement for them.  xo! 





 Bili, you. are. BEAUTIFUL! 

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