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Hi there!

I’ve captured over 250 weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest, across the country and abroad. From mountain tops to tropical beaches & castles to freezing snowstorms, I have photographed my clients in some truly amazing places.

My photos have been featured by The Knot, Glamour Weddings, Oregon Bride Magazine, Portland Bride & Groom and more.


I start my day by going for a 5-mile run sitting down at my computer with messy hair and sweats and a hot cup of tea. I believe a great smile and a solid handshake go a long way. I have zero complaints about Portland weather — it’s absolutely perfect. I genuinely love to hear people’s love stories.  

That bearded fellow there is my lovely husband, Jaime. We have two girls, Molly and Cambria. Jaime and I have known each other since junior high. In fact, here’s how he proposed to me back then. And another interesting tid bit: he and I were born just five hours apart. Isn’t that crazy?  

I love to ride. My dad got my whole family into motorcycles when we were young. My husband too  — in fact, they just did a trip last year to Nova Scotia, Canada. Side note: my dad took this photo of me. He was the one that got me into photography too. So I guess I have a lot to thank him for!


While I love to get out, I equally love staying in. Kids to bed, pjs on and popcorn in my lap, heck yes. I recently watched and loved Ozark & The Handmaid’s Tale. An all-time fav is The Newsroom (or anything by Aaron Sorkin). Now enjoy this stock photo since there are definitely no photos of me watching tv in my pajamas. 


food: mexican | store: does amazon count? | heels or flats: flats | drink: whiskey sour | animal: shar pei | lens: 85mm 1.2 | song: “everyday people” by sly and the family stone | color: sage green | app: marco polo | treat: trader joe’s blondies | movie: groundhog day | holiday: thanksgiving | season: spring | mountains or beach: mountains 1000% | local spot: produce row | coffee or tea: tea

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