Skydiving: "Hi, my name is Sara and I am an adrenaline junkie" - Sara May Photography Sara May Photography

Skydiving: "Hi, my name is Sara and I am an adrenaline junkie" - Sara May Photography

You tell people you’re going to jump out of a plane and you usually get some interesting reactions. A perfectly good airplane? Yup! 

Ever since I was a small kid, I had this recurring dream about falling out of an airplane. Not jumping. Falling. I have no idea what that meant and I’m no fortune teller, but I figure it’s something I either did in a past life or something I’ve just always needed to do. Either way, I didn’t care. I decided this was happening. This year. 

You fly up 13,000 ft and as you sit down on the very edge of the plane opening with your feet dangling out in the wind, you suddenly realize what you’re doing. It was surreal for me up to that point. Once I saw my feet hanging out of the plane is when I thought “Wow, I’ve arrived. I’m actually doing this.” It was phenomenal. 

There’s no experience like it. And it is most certainly addicting. That rush, that bigger-than-life feeling — it’s a drug. And I completely understand now how people become adrenaline junkies. 😉  When my feet touched the ground, my first thought was ‘can we go right back up?’ Definitely doing this again. 



I love how you can see Mike smiling as I get pushed out of the plane in this picture below. He was probably laughing at how my instructor counted, “1! 2!” and then pushed out without a “3”. Thanks, Rocky! 

airplane fall


Little tid bit that you should be aware of if you jump in a cooler month: the cold air hitting your teeth at 100mph is not the greatest feeling if you have sensitive teeth. 😀


 This is probably one of my favorite shots because of my shoes. I’ve always had a pair of pink Converse in my closet since I was 3. I felt it was appropriate to wear them for this milestone.  


 Once we opened the parachute, it was surprisingly quiet as we glided around taking in the peaceful view. I asked Rocky if jumping out of an airplane ever gets old. He told me that every time he jumps, he thinks “$%*!, I just jumped out of an AIRPLANE”. I loved his answer. 


And check out the video… 

Thank you Mike for being my fellow adventurer and doing this, since both our spouses aren’t what you would call skydiving enthusiasts. 

To all of you, if you’re thinking of going skydiving then just remember one thing….don’t forget to invite me!


Happy Friday! 

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