Ann Marie & Darren Sittin' In A Tree... - Sara May Photography Sara May Photography

Ann Marie & Darren Sittin' In A Tree... - Sara May Photography

Maternity Session | Springtime | Portland Maternity Photographer

I’ve come to realize that Portland is just a big small town. It’s a feature I really love about my city. I often find myself running into old friends and past clients as if I lived in a place like Pleasantville. Well, a few weeks ago was no different — I happen to be in a grocery store picking up a few things (sadly whilst wearing my “mom jeans” and with my hair disheveled from housework) when someone called out my name. 

Darren and Ann Marie, with the cutest little baby bump you’ve ever seen, happened to be in the same checkout aisle. I was ecstatic! I hadn’t seen them since I photographed their wedding two years prior. So I guess I should thank my laundry detergent for running out that day or else I wouldn’t have bumped into these two!  

With a baby very soon to arrive, we jumped right into planning a shoot. We took the photos in their home and at their neighborhood park. Spring was in full bloom and added nicely to the easy-going vibe of the pictures. We were having so much fun laughing that I had to remind myself a few times this was actually work! 






Of course this kid is going to be a Timbers fan like her parents.  When they had their First Look on their wedding day, one of the first things Darren said to Ann Marie was the current score of the Timbers game. Now that’s true love. 😉 






If you ever see these two at the park playing with their daughter, find a way to schedule a playdate. Even if you don’t have a kid, just borrow one. It’ll be worth it if it means making friends with them. 😉  They’re seriously awesome people and they’re going to be the coolest parents in the world.



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