The Secret To Getting Great Photos of Your Child - Sara May Photography Sara May Photography

The Secret To Getting Great Photos of Your Child - Sara May Photography

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We moms constantly have our phones out to snap pictures of our kiddos these days. So much so that kids can get really tired of having their photo taken! They’ll walk away or just look at you with annoyed eyes. “Just one more!” we say but don’t really mean. 😉 

This is my daughter, Molly. With a mother like me, she had the potential to become more annoyed with photos than the average kid. But luckily when she was young, I made it a point to never force her to take photos. (Okay, other than a holiday photo once a year. Give me a break!) 

Molly was playing dress-up and I hadn’t intended to take any photos of her. But when she saw that I was doing a shoot of her Grandma nearby (and not including her) she was then ALL to willing to get in on the action. Because there was no force. It was her decision (nay, her request).  I wanted to give an evil laugh, ‘mwa-ha-ha-haaaaa!’ but refrained. 😉 

Styling (including the off-the-shoulder look) was all her. Make-up, posing — again, all her.  

Whenever I get a chance to capture her like this, it makes me smile because I know she’ll love having these when she’s older. She’ll get to see that she’s had this personality aaaaaaaall along. 😉 

Love, Mom



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