Family Reunion 2013: Should I Put the Camera Down? - Sara May Photography Sara May Photography

Family Reunion 2013: Should I Put the Camera Down? - Sara May Photography

Every time a vacation comes around I am confronted with the same conflict. To be a photographer or not to be.

When I’m photographing clients, I am not really in the moment. Yes I am physically there but mentally I’m thinking of the photo, the composition, the lighting, reading the body language to prepare for the next moment and so forth. It’s an art and one that I love creating on. But sometimes, especially when I’m with family and the moment is personal for me, I want to see it with my own eyes and not with a lens.

But if I’m not documenting it, who is? Thus the continuous conflict I’m faced with when vacation time rolls around.

This summer’s vacation reunited us all in the Ozarks at a spot our family has been going to for almost 40 years, thanks to some really amazing family friends who keep the tradition going.

I decided to bring my camera along — which I was glad for. But I also really enjoyed the moments where I was just another Instagram’er or where I put it all down and got to simply be Mom/Wife/Sister/Daughter/Friend.

I will probably always bring my camera. But I will choose my moments to set it down, be a part of the action and leave it to memory.

Family Reunion Ozarks Table Rock Lake 2013

This trip was full of celebrations. My parents had their 41st anniversary, my sister celebrated her 4th anniversary and my daughter turned 5. It was a great trip and though the vacations seem to get harder and harder to arrange as the brood expands, I am so thankful for these reunions.

Until next year!

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