Big Bubbles & Painting at the Park: Molly's 5th Birthday! - Sara May Photography Sara May Photography

Big Bubbles & Painting at the Park: Molly's 5th Birthday! - Sara May Photography

My dear little Molly is now 5 years old. Five. If I look in the rear view, it seems like ages since she was a baby. I’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to have a giant belly and a dependent little one. Molly is an independent go-getter, which is partly why I feel like she’ll be turning into a teenager at any second.

It was a whirlwind of celebrations this year for Molly. After her birthday party we got on a plane and flew out to a family reunion where we again celebrated her birthday. Lucky duck. 😉 But the real party, here in Portland was a blast. I spent way too much time making the backdrop for her dessert table. (Anyone want it? It’s sitting in the closet right now!) And we entertained the kiddos with canvas painting and giant bubble-making. It was a blast. The lollipops were a huge hit, as were the mini cupcakes from Saint Cupcake.


What kid doesn’t love GIANT BUBBLES? Random children were leaving the nearby playground to come and see these huge bubbles floating around. (Cell phone photos, my apologies)

Giant-Bubbles-Sara May Photography

Lastly, I wanted to throw up this cute side-by-side comparing this adorable trio of girls. From Molly’s 4th Birthday (Left Side) and from this year at her 5th (Right Side). Look at how much these adorable friends have grown together over the past year. Losing those baby faces just a little bit each year. Love them to pieces!

Sellwood Park-birthday-Photography

Happy 5th Birthday, beautiful daughter!

Love, Mom

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